Pacific Hope Fiji

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Who We Are

We are a group of international ministers, missionaries and business people who are committed to a vision of Fiji coming into her destiny. Through community, prayer, job opportunities, entrepreneurship and education, we believe that Fijians have the heart and the spirit to reach out and take hold of all that God has for their nation -- and the world.

Semisi Naquica, President.

Semisi is a missionary who has served with Ywam in Canada since 1993. He has continued working from that time to the present with Inuit tribal peoples in the Arctic Circle. His heart is dedicated to the needs of native peoples around the globe, specifically in the areas of prayer, reconciliation, healing of historic and cultural issues and economic need.

Gela Naquica,
Vice President
Gela is an NGO developer and has worked with tribal peoples throughout the far north of Canada setting up centers for food relief, counseling, overcoming grief, depression and alcoholic issues. Gela is viewed as an expert in creative program development, administration and services provision for native peoples throughout Canada. Her heart is captured by the love of God for people, and she is driven to bring that love to the people who need it most.

Bulituraga Naulumat
ua, Treasurer.
Buli is a Pastor and businessman who has served the people of Fiji for many years. Buli stands for justice for the helpless, and hope for the hopeless among his people. His soul is captivated by the beauty of the love of God for humanity, and his heart is arrested in prayer for the nations.

Dionne Husted,

A missionary serving in Canada, Korea, Fiji and the U.S, a Worship Leader, a Teacher, a Minister and a Prophetic voice to the nations. Dionne is completely possessed by the Love of God, and pours out her life daily into others to see them healed and whole, activated and reaching out to pour out the love of God themselves.

Scott Husted,

Board Member.
A Professor, a Minister and a Missionary in Korea, Canada, Fiji and the U.S. Scott is Director of Through The Veil Ministries, Ring of Fire Houses of Prayer and Founder of Pacific Gates Schools. Scott is captivated by the love of Jesus, and obsessed with making His Kingdom a reality in the earth as it is in heaven -- particularly for indigenous people groups around the Pacific Rim!